ACID SPORT's Philosophy

ACID SPORT is a recognised leading sports media company founded in Paris (France) in 2003 by its current President & CEO, Ms. Vanessa Milchior, who has been working in the sports media business for more than 12 years.

ACID SPORT has a truly international activity and is one of the best specialist in the acquisition and distribution of international sport events’ television, internet and mobile rights. Thanks to its great expertise ACID SPORT's advise is highly sought-after by federations, right holders, agencies and broadcasters for their sale or acquisition media rights' strategy, to understand better a market or to reply to an invitation to tender (ITT).

In a decade, ACID SPORT has developed a unique worldwide network of close and trusted partners in the sport and broadcasting industries and is proud to work with some of the world's leading sports’ federations, leagues, agencies and broadcasters.

ACID SPORT markets a great portfolio of premium sports broadcasting rights in football, but also for a great range of other sports such as basketball, tennis, boxing, judo, beach soccer, motor sports,... to name only a few.

ACID SPORT having also anticipated the emergence of new ways of consuming sport events, through internet, mobile, tablets, VOD, catch-up TV and more, not only has ACID SPORT developed its expertise in the new media world, but it can also offer today a great portfolio of premium sport rights for these platforms.

ACID Sport also operates as a consultant for international federations, right holders, agencies and companies worldwide bringing a professional, personalised and innovative consulting to its clients.

The ACID SPORT team is experienced, dynamic and has built a truly international network thanks to its wide range of connections.

Many clients and partners have already placed their trust in ACID SPORT.